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New Book Releases

Our new releases are forging their way in the book world! Authors Amanda Starling (Mumma to Be) and Gigi Sedlmayer (Talon series) are making waves! Talon all books






Aurora House now has the complete Talon series to date. The first four books are brilliant reading for children aged 8-12 years. The bonding between a little girl and her Condor friends has to be read to be appreciated. Matica’s determination and love for her birds eventually wins over the local people and she find new strength in their friendship and love. As time goes on her disability become less important and she finds that being small has its advantages. Follow the link to discover more about Gigi’s books.


Mumma to be cover 140x210 copy Amanda has been very busy with her book and it is already in a number of bookshops in her home city of Perth, Austalia. Mumma to Be is a humourous look at pregnancy, with loads of information and tips to help mumma’s to be. 

Amanda has captured the essence of being pregnant, all the trials and tribulations, the tears and the joy. She has faithfully and honestly documented what it is like, and dispels many myths that have been around for many a long year.

If you are planning to be a mumma, this is definitely THE book to read! Click on the image to take you to Amanda’s page and more information.

Invitation to Writers

Aurora House wants your words and  invites all writers to submit articles and stories for publication on our blog. It can be short stories, or excerpts from your book. No matter what the topic, the exposure for you as an author will be well worth it.

Let your fellow writers and readers know how you tick.

What makes you write -

Where you get your ideas from -

How you put a story together -

How you started writing -

Did you have writer’s block? How you overcame it -

How much you love writing -

Short stories you would like published.


Send your articles and stories to editor@aurorahouse.com.au

Tell everyone you are a writer and proud of it!

Ode to Ray Bradbury


Listen to this wonderful man, and be inspired!

Ray Bradbury passed away in June 2012, but he left a legacy for all time – his books.


Ray Bradbury believed he could live forever, and he will through his books.

You too can live forever – Connect with Aurora House and bring your book to the readers of the world.

Facing Demons


  Facing Demons is a journey of enlightenment and self-discovery. It tells of one woman’s struggle against being controlled, mentally abused, how she dealt with it and how she overcame it. It is also a story of growth and enlightenment.

During her childhood  years, Marion is all but ignored by her father, when all she wants are kind words and hugs. Her school years were traumatic with dyslexia, until it was diagnosed in her teens.

As she grows and matures, she find she has chosen the same type of men to partner her and each relationship ends up the same – controlling and sapping her energy and spirit. Until the last one.

Along the way, Marion discovers and develops her healing gifts, and builds a successful healing business, runs a cafe, and take a life-enlightening journey of self-discovery through Nepal. For this she thanks her last relationship. She loses her eyesight and has to look inward for the reasons. With that, and the help a Chinese herbal/medical doctor, she restores her sight.

Marion’s healing work takes her places some have yet to discover – and some already have.


This  is one powerful book. The journey Marion set herself is as enlightening as it is powerful. Her writing describes in detail her experiences, up and downs, relationships, self-discovery and healing powers. The self-discoveries and connection to the higher realms came as a surprise after the torrid childhood beginning. This book is full of surprises.

Her work, or gift, of being able to heal people by removing unwanted energies, and how gently it is achieved is aweinspiring. The way in which she handles both sides, the person and the unwanted energy, is professional and gentle. Eventually, it comes to a time when she has to discover why she is going blind, and heal herself. She does.

Anyone who reads this book cannot come away untouched. It stirs something deep within, and makes you question your very existence. It makes you question and challenge yourself – Where did I come from? Why do I put up with abuse? How can I change and heal myself? What am I here for? It gives a sense of direction on how to change your life.

This book is much more than just an autobiography, it is a powerful book for women, men, and even young adults to read. It can set in motion the emotions and thoughts of change. Of strength. Of courage. And most of all, of Love.

It also reinforces the much aligned thought – we are not alone. The veil between here and the spiritual world is thin. If we want and need help, we just have to ask. It will be there. We still have to be wise enough to recognise the help when we receive it – not all help comes in the form we expect and is often quirky, challenging, but never more than we can truly handle.

Facing Demons is highly recommended. After reading this woman’s incredible journey you will never be the same.


Read a Free Chapter  of Marion’s Book. Find Facing Demons on Aurora House website


“This is a very honest, open and brave account of a truly remarkable woman’s experiences both in this physical realm, and in the spiritual plane. In sharing her knowledge and discoveries with us, we can feel empowered to look at our world differently and more clearly. Thank you for revealing your innermost thoughts with such pure altruistic  intentions in order that we can help and empower ourselves.”

Take care and thank you.

- Rita S.H. Vinten, M.D., C.C.F.P., F.R.A.C.G.P.

“This book was life changing!  Once I started reading it in a coffee shop in Lismore I could not put it down.  It is one of the best explanations of the ‘psychic world’ that I have ever read and provided clarity on the many “strange and mysterious” experiences that have happened to me throughout my life.  A highly recommended read for everyone, as we navigate the capricious waters of this new millennium.”

- Anne Barry Dip Hom (British Institute of Homeopathy) Homeopath and Healer

“I found ‘Facing Demons’ full of amazing and inspiring revelations which essentially followed Marion’s being true to her intuitive self within belief in the highest good.
It is an incredibly honest account of her life with her physical, emotional and spiritual interconnections and influences encouraging the reader to identify with her struggles and solutions and admit to the power we all know we have.

I know my own awareness shifted while reading this book, leaving me feeling uplifted and empowered to follow my truth”

- Elizabeth Dowling, B.A.(Visual Arts), MMH (Art Therapy) AThR

“In ‘Facing Demons’ we witness Marion’s courage and determination as she faced the many challenges of embarking on a spiritual journey. Honest, raw and often confronting, Marion’s story is sure to inspire and offer hope to many others who are seeking to be authentic in their lives. A powerful story.”

- Therese Duckett, Psychologist, MA

How I Started Writing by Gillian Lee

I have always had an interest in creating characters, whether it is in creative writing or sitting in a café watching different people walking by, guessing their life story.

I have tried to start writing a book several times in my adult lifetime, only to be discouraged by the enormity that it held. Questions would cloud my creativity, such as ‘Who would want to read what I write?’, ‘Which publisher will want to publish it?’, ‘How much is it going to cost me?’ It was last year that I decided, ‘This is it, I am going to write my story!’ Full steam ahead, I enthusiastically put pen to paper and approximately 1000 words into the storyline I find myself being discouraged by the same questions that filled my head, yet again. Frustrated, I put away my story in the second drawer of my bedside cupboard and let the creativity fade away…for the time being.

Fast forward twelve months, and a telephone call from a friend who had started a new business changed my life – not wanting to sound too dramatic, but really, the excitement and hope that I felt when asked if I would be interested in writing a book, started my creative juices flowing into overdrive.

Opening the second drawer once again, I locate my unfinished notes and the beginning of a story yet to be told. From that moment, my characters were created and the story took on a life of its own. I love writing my book and I find myself getting lost in the characters and their thoughts as I write their dialogue. I’ve been told that writing a fictional novel is the hardest because everything is taken from the author’s imagination and thoughts. This hasn’t deterred me, in fact I love the challenge and the simple fact that I can make up whatever emotion the character is feeling, dress the characters in whatever clothes I like, add colours, texture and smell to distinguish thoughts, scenes and feelings. The freedom of creating a scene is what I enjoy the most.

Setting the story line was never an issue for me because I’m writing about all the themes I like to read about myself – friendship, loyalty, romance, adventure and suspense. I suspect the story line for my second novel will be harder to come up with. Another creative challenge! The characters I chose to create are combinations of personalities of people I have known with a little bit of imagination thrown in for good measure! Everyone has a little bit of these qualities, so it was all about putting the personality traits together to make up a character that suited the story line.

Someone asked me recently what I would have done differently. Taking into account the fact that I have not finished my book yet, I would say that I would have taken the advice of my friend and made a list of possible chapters with a brief description of what each chapter is about right from the start. I discovered that this was a good idea at about Chapter 5. You live and learn! Another thing I have learned is to spend time each day, even if it is a short amount of time, to write. Consistency is definitely what has kept my ideas coming through and sometimes it is hard to make time to write. I find that it is at these times that the momentum lags behind and the ideas are slower to follow. I am learning ‘the ropes’ as I progress.

As a first time ‘author’, I use this word loosely because I am yet to become an accomplished author, I still find that those initial concerns that deterred me from writing early on still creep back in and rear their ugly heads occasionally. The difference now is that I don’t listen to those thoughts as much and just concentrate on my enjoyment of writing. It is far more fulfilling that way!


Gillian’s story is an inspiration to all writers with aspirations to write their first book. If you have something to say – write a book!

FutureQuest – Building an Awesome World Future by Albert Sedlmayer

FutureQuest is a book about the future – a new sustainable world future. A future that everyone can take part in and help to build. We all share this planet and we can all do something towards improving our current situation. No matter how small you feel your part may be, its still important in creating the future as we want it to be – free from war, free from poverty, free from violence, suppression and abuse. It is only with YOUR help that this can be done, no part is too small, it all counts.

FutureQuest engages thinking people everywhere who want to build a sustainable, peaceful future but are overwhelmed by the immensity of the task. Since everything we individually and collectively do today has an effect on the quality of our future, and presents a generic approach free of political, religious and ideological influences.

FutureQuest is split into eight chapters, and containing sixty-one sub-chapters.

Chapter One provides orientation on scope and methodology to build confidence that a great world future is indeed achievable. My opening paragraphs paint an image of the future we could have, and set that as our goal.

Chapter Two examines Man – the individual. We look at our motivation and influences and how we can optimise our own actions to facilitate our goal. Essentially, all groups and organisations comprise individuals, some of whom will read this book and become inspired and empowered to do their part in building a better future, in turn motivating their respective organisations.

Chapter Three deals with group structures and how mankind functions within its diverse groups. In particular we examine ways to mitigate friction between groups, including the use of information-age technology.

Chapter Four takes a critical look at government systems and their effect on our future. We focus on those government structures and attitudes detrimental to survival, and how we can adjust them.

Chapter Five simulates a typical process of starting and running a business, particularly along a path of maximising profits. We consider how the power of shareholders and decision-makers influence our future. Problem areas of globalisation are examined and prototype solutions proposed.

Chapter Six discusses our key institutions and organisations, and how human fears tend to veer them into destructive directions. We propose ways of keeping them on course.

Chaper Seven looks at trans-governmental matters, including the United Nations Organisation. We examine the ‘Tragedy of the Commons’ script, sustainability and the real possibility of mankind’s extinction. We then see how we can change the script.

Chapter Eight looks at how all these civilisation structures and systems work together in shaping humanity. Here we take stock of where we are now and where we want to go. The last chapter summarises the steps we must take to build our awesome future.

A thoroughly-researched bibliography of 323 ISO 690 Numerical Reference citations concludes the book. My FutureQuest website replicates the bibliography with active hyperlinks to most citation sources, to encourage reader participation.

FutureQuest is a book about YOUR future. Be in it!

To be released in Paperback POD and eBook.

Release date: December 2012

How to Get your Book into the Hands of a Publisher

Have you wondered HOW to get your book into the hands of a book publisher?

Start with a FREE appraisal! Most appraisals are offered for FREE. This will not only tell you if your book is publishable, but also what might be needed in the way of editing. It’s often not as much as  you think.

Being an author is hard work these days, there are so many books already on the market and more arriving faster than the speed of sound. Its no wonder a new author might feel rather overawed by the whole process. You not only have to create the story and write a book, you feel it has to be better than the one you’ve just read. This is something even time-seasoned authors strive to achieve. It can be done – with a little expert advice, the assistance of a good editor, and an understanding publisher.

‘Where do I find one of those?’ you shout out loud in frustration. They are around, although finding them can be a time consuming process.

Having your manuscript appraised is the first step to becoming a published author. The appraisal will tell you whether your story is worth publishing and a few sample chapters will tell an editor what type of editing will be necessary to bring your book to publishing standard; it might be a little copy editing or a combination of copy and structural editing.

If you conduct a little research, you will find that all well-known authors have their book edited. No author can write a book and expect it to be perfect, and they are just emotionally too close to their work to have the objective point of view.

What exactly happens with an appraisal? How do I know they will be honest with me? What can I expect back in the way of a report? How will this get me nearer to being published?

All these questions will run through the mind of a new author. I’ll take them one by one…

A free appraisal means sending three or four chapters of your manuscript to an editor, who will read it objectively and create a short report. This might include any inconsistencies in the writing, comments about the storyline, suggestions as to layout and chapter titles, and a quick assessment of what editing might have to be done.

As it is only an appraisal, do not expect a full, long report on the storyline, characters, flow, structure, etc. That is the job of an Assessment. An appraisal is to let the author know if the book is publishable. Its the starting point of becoming a published author.

If an editor is honest about the story, the editing requirements, and your chances of getting the book published, then they are doing their job diligently. It’s in their own best interests to be upfront at the outset or it could affect their own circumstances.

When you have your appraisal, its time to think about having your manuscript edited. These days a publisher will only look at your book if it has been professionally edited. Those people who think they do not need their work edited are only hurting themselves, and their book. Editing is necessary for the objective amendments that might have to be made. An editor is not emotionally involved and therefore can be quite tough about that to keep and what to remove. It’s in the author’s best interests to listen to what their editor says, and although the author can overrule the editor its not often the case. Even if you have decided to ‘self publish’ (and by that I mean do it all yourself and not through any publisher whatsoever), the manuscript still needs editing. Who wants to buy a book (or obtain one for free) where there are spelling mistakes, sentences that do not gel, or bits of the story that seem to just disappear into the page…

When all of the above is done, then its time to think about how you are going to publish. What method are you going to use? Self publish, traditional publisher or the new POD and eBook publisher? Here one has to work out how long it might take, how much distribution will the book receive, and how cost effective will the different processes be. Its not necessarily the cheapest that wins the day.

If you self publish – yes there are many online bookstores, although some of them are available to publishers only. You will have to do everything yourself including the cover design, typesetting, distribution and of course, promotion. Traditional publishers will usually take about a year before you see your book in print, and then it might be in a couple of bookshops. POD and eBook publishing gets your book worldwide distribution, no warehouses with copies of your book going to dust, it is available On Demand, and can be lodged with all pertinent online bookstores, and made available for retailers to find in the worldwide retailers catalogues (the retailers choose which books they wish to stock).

If by now you are not wiping your brow, sitting in an unfathomable trance, or pulling your hair out, then you stand a good chance of having enough energy to keep going until your book is in print (or digital eBook).

And finally Aurora House offers FREE manuscript appraisals, no strings attached, for those authors who are serious about getting their book published. We can give you upfront recommendations and suggestions for your manuscript.

Three chapters is all it takes…




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